The AGRICA II Research Infrastructure, utilizing the equipment and knowledge generated through research, offers advanced research and development services and final products of increased nutritional value, taking into account both all the stages of the value chain concerning the wider field of agri-food, and the tradition of this sector. It thus creates the appropriate environment for maintaining and improving human health to the extent that it is affected by nutrition, but also the appropriate conditions for strengthening the economy of the local societies of the Aegean region.

Services developed and offered at AGRICA are:


Primary Sector

Services of integrated understory management of olive groves in daco populations.

Wild rabbit population management services.

Development of applications for collection and management of primary agricultural production data.

Development of a data collection and management system for integrated wild rabbit management.

Development and standardization of antigen isolation methodologies in fish.

Regulation of immune system gene expression at the molecular level in different combinations of antigens in fish.

Development of vaccine multipotent mixtures with effective protection against farmed fish, viral and bacterial diseases.

Characterization of strains of microorganisms from the marine environment.

Production optimization of selected strains of marine environment microorganisms.

Secondary Sector

Production of Extracts with bioactive substances from microalgae and aquatic plants.

Production of Biomass with high protein content for use as a food supplement.

Utilization of waste or low-cost agro-industrial effluents through fermentation to produce products of high nutritional value.

Microbiological analyzes and developing molecular food methodologies.

Production of plant and animal extracts using green methodologies.

Encapsulation of bioactive extract components.

Production of adsorbent materials based on activated carbon.

Preparation and characterization of a new type of packaging with antimicrobial properties.


Tertiary Sector

Quantification of food macronutrients and micronutrients.

Evaluation of nutritional value of macronutrients and micronutrients in foods.

Quantification and evaluation of bioactive - pharmaconutrients in foods.

Qualitative and quantitative analysis using valid, accredited questionnaires on the nutritional value of local foods of the Northern Aegean region.

Evaluation of sensory analysis of foods.

Packaging design for food products.

Creation of visual brand identity dimensions for food products.